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Depression affects people of all races, ages, backgrounds, socio-economic status, and culture. In most cases, depression is very treatable, and individuals can not only heal their depression naturally, but can find new levels of meaning and happiness that they had never dreamed possible. This can be the start of a journey that leads to real self-understanding, wisdom, peace and spiritual growth.

The seeds of Good and Evil

All my life I was a high achiever. From a very early age I was at the top of my class, winning everything I set my mind to. Often effortlessly. By the

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What is This?

I have been diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder. I was a person who was raised Christian until i started thinking logically - that was around age of

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Earth is "Inside" Heaven

My name is Elizabeth. I have had a series of three major awakenings over the past 17 years. The only information that I had been able to find and relate

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Have you tried Hardy Nutritionals natural micronutrient treatment for bipolar disorder?

The American Psychiatric Association says Daily Essential Nutrients works for bipolar disorder...has anyone tried it?

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depression and fetishes

Since I've had depression I've also had a diaper fetish. how do I get rid of this? my girlfriend, soon to be wife, doesn't like it and I really don't want

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spiritual rebirth & bipolar mania

I was diagnosed with bipolar mania or type 1 In 2008. I had originally showed symptoms of bipolar depression when I was only 13. Which would've been like

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Amped Up (Mania and Electrical Issues)

I have been dealing with bipolar for about 16 years now. My first episode happened (with no understanding), and I refused meds after my hospitalization.

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finding myself

Finding myself is how I paint, being in a mood to where I'm lost I put myself together piece by piece.

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Step Daughter 35 and the Electra Complex

I am 50 years old and have 2 biological children of my own - girl,25 and boy,19. I have been engaged for 3 years to a man and we love each other deeply.

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An earth angel awakens

Hi, yes I did. I have been experiencing spiritual awakening last 2 years. This year I had one that lasted all day long and a few ones that lasted for

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