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Depression affects people of all races, ages, backgrounds, socio-economic status, and culture. In most cases, depression is very treatable, and individuals can not only heal their depression naturally, but can find new levels of meaning and happiness that they had never dreamed possible. This can be the start of a journey that leads to real self-understanding, wisdom, peace and spiritual growth.

does therapy just not work on some people?

Hi I have been going to therapy on and off for a couple years and I am no better for it. To summarize the issue: I cut myself so bad can never wear short

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The Ladder I

I found the ladder to be a very symbolic aspect of depression for me, with the rungs representing different aspects of coming out of the depressive experience

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Heart-Openers to ReAwaken the Soul and put you back in touch with Humanity as your larger Self

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Art Therapy for Depression

Art therapy for depression: Healing Through Creative Expression. A collection of artistic images expressing the pain of depression, and the journey towards healing and liberation...

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The Hiding Place

A deep desire to disappear and go away where no one would know where I was. My situation is having to use the court system against my own son for continual

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Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching is a powerful method of guiding you to achieve peak performance, health and vitality, and financial success through the skillful application of energy psychology techniques.

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EFT-by-Phone is an energy healing method that is convenient yet just as powerful as in person. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), sometimes called

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Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression

Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression: Tapping into Joy - an eBook to lead you out of depression and into a state of natural vitality, peace and joy

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is this...right?

I just got a call from my husband that disturbed me greatly. He was crying and near panicked. He has been in therapy for roughly a year dealing with effects

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Three shades of Orange

A seeker, mother, wife, daughter, aunt, friend, etc..dropped away from a spontaneous awakening on October 8, 2005. Through the eyes of a catalyst, the

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