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Depression affects people of all races, ages, backgrounds, socio-economic status, and culture. In most cases, depression is very treatable, and individuals can not only heal their depression naturally, but can find new levels of meaning and happiness that they had never dreamed possible. This can be the start of a journey that leads to real self-understanding, wisdom, peace and spiritual growth.

Intrusive thoughts

I used to be carefree, but now I'm anxiety-ridden. I am afraid to drive because I have these intrusive thoughts that I should yank the wheel. It's a feeling

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Alternative Depression Therapy - Ben Schwarcz, MFT - Psychotherapy & Meditation

Alternative Depression Therapy: Understanding holistic, alternative and complementary treaments. Learn about psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, and self-help for depression and bipolar disorder....

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intuitive tapping

Intuitive Tapping takes Meridian Tapping to a much deeper level, in which the therapist or coach reaches an uncanny level of emphathic attunement with the client.

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Parents wrote a letter to my therapist - I am 26

I am currently in therapy. I have been depressed and have been relying on alcohol as a coping mechanism. I spoke to a friend who has gone through almost

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People in the medical model don't address the spiritual

Hello, I was glad to find your website. I am 45 year old female who had an onset of psychosis at 43 and was hospitalized 3 times for psychosis. No

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why do i fantasize of people beating me up and then someone watching it and feeling sorry for me and helps me? and why when someone is nice to me or gives

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Lord Krishna entered my body and stayed for 3-4 days

Hello, i am an ophthalmologist by profession highly skilled in my stream. I want to share with you my experience with Lord Krishna which happened with

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Emergences vs Bipolar

Recently, I've been reading again on the link between bipolar psychosis and spiritual emergence or spiritual awakenings. I've come across an ample amount

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Boulder Psychologist

Dr. Eva Malanowski is a Boulder Psychologist and Life Coach specializing in Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

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Teen daughter won't shower

My 16 year old daughter won't shower anymore she goes a whole month before I can get her to shower. She also keeps her hair covered and keeps a cover wrapped

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