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When you begin to accept and face your pain,

it can lead you to bliss;

When you resist, suppress, or fear your pain,

it leads to more suffering.

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."    - Rumi

Energy Psychology Treatments such as EFT Tapping, integrated with Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, natural health, and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, offer a deep and life-changing path for healing the pain of depression, and achieving new levels of happiness, vitality and peace of mind. The path of transformation is about embracing what is, and not hiding from pain.

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The Alternative Depression Therapy website offers:

  • Information about EFT (Tapping) - a powerful Energy Psychology technique that holds great potential as an alternative depression therapy
  • Information about alternative therapies.
  • New ways of thinking about healing and personal transformation.
  • Self-Help Tools and information to assist with your personal growth and recovery.
  • Reference guides to products and alternative technologies for wellness.
  • Free professional answers to your personal questions in
    the Ask-the-Therapist Forum
  • Guided Meditations for deep relaxation, expanded self-awareness, and relief from depression and anxiety.
  • An introduction to the Santa Rosa Psychotherapy, EFT Tapping and Coaching practice of Benjamin Schwarcz, LMFT, ACAP-EFT

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Client Testimonials

"What I have learned from Ben through EFT and meditation has become a big part of my personal  health practice/balance now. I was very skeptical of EFT at the start but in one session I began to experience the beginning of a transformation that would gradually  restore my life. I recommend him to my own clients and family and can't imagine anyone more trustworthy and safe to meet you wherever you are."

Kaitlyn, 2015

"I was a little nervous before meeting and tapping with Ben via Skype but it only took moments before Ben’s peaceful, calming demeanor came through and I immediately relaxed. Ben made me feel comfortable and I had this strong feeling of ~this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now~

It amazed me how quickly Ben was able to intuitively know what areas I needed immediate help with and then guide me through exercises that helped me so very much. I am hopeful for the first time in a while. I feel so fortunate to have had such a positive experience and I would recommend Ben without hesitation.

-Lisa, Energy Coaching Client, July 2013

"I went to your website and found your “Guided Meditation for Depression”. The 15 minute one. I laid down... just exhausted from all the inner pain and the “trying” to make is stop... and "trying to fix it"... and I listened to your guided meditation for 15 minutes. The inner pain... was simply gone and I could breathe and felt I came back to myself. I felt like my self for the first time in days."

Depression is like a bad dream that never ends. It alters our perceptions of ourselves and the world, and causes unbelievable suffering. While depressed, it is very difficult to remember how it feels to be happy, or how to find your way back to feeling normal. Anyone suffering from severe depression, needs immediate, effective treatment, which should usually include both psychological (mental/emotional/spiritual) as well as physical interventions

Lower level depression is even more common in our culture, and easier to hide. We tend to seek happiness by trying to deny or get rid of our pain. But this approach doesn't work. We can spend our lives running from ourselves. Living a life of constant distraction and activity may give temporary satisfaction but will never end in fulfillment. What is it that we all want? Is it enough for you to not be depressed? Or would you like to be truly happy? Well-Being is more than the absence of depression.

The foundations of happiness:

1. Compassion for yourself (Self-Acceptance) and for others.

2. Self-Awareness (Mindfulness)

3. A mind un-cluttered by too many thoughts (Concentration)

An alternative depression therapy should focus not just on the resolution of symptoms, but on raising the consciousness of the individual. This website is your portal to a deeper exploration of what it means to find your Self. Effective alternative therapies treat the whole person, so the benefits go beyond the resolution of symptoms. While millions of Americans are suffering from depression, millions more are deeply unsatisfied with life.

Mind-Body approaches help you on your path towards a fuller experience of Aliveness in every moment and in every breath.

Transformational Coaching is experiential, challenges one's distorted thoughts and beliefs, expands your sense of Self, opens up new possibilities and facilitates changes in both the external and internal world. Transformational coaching leads to the discovery that the self-images, thoughts, jobs, roles and beliefs which make up the ego or personality, are not the Essential Self. When we narrowly define ourselves we become fearful, vulnerable and unhappy. Through self-acceptance, compassion, and mindfulness we begin to discover our true nature. True healing is the realization that at your core, you are already whole, and lacking in nothing.

Energy Psychology is a rapidly emerging dimension of therapy that works quickly and deeply by working on an energetic level. Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT Tapping balance the body's energy and produce subtle electrochemical changes in the brain and nervous system, producing deep and lasting changes in one's emotional state. Energy Psychology techniques like EFT were created to produce changes more rapidly and more effectively than traditional forms of therapy.

Meditation techniques, when used properly, can be the most effective and direct path to Self Awareness and peace of mind. Meditation is a way of being your own therapist. It is a way to get beyond self-created illusions. It decreases stress, teaches us to relax deeply, to live in the present moment, and to let go. Combined with Energy Psychology and psychotherapy, it is a powerful catalyst for profound insight and freedom from the trappings of the over-thinking mind.

A growing number of mental health professionals are now coming to recognize the power and effectiveness of an alternative depression therapy -- integrating the practice and concepts of meditation, yoga, and Energy Psychology with psychotherapy.

Please take your time to explore this website, for ideas, resources, and approaches to treating depression naturally and effectively. Alternative medicines, integrative and complimentary therapies, and self-help tools are all available to assist you on your journey to recovery, and far beyond!

The Alternative Depression Therapy website may serve as a self-help tool, but the use of this information does not constitute a therapist/client relationship and should not serve as a means of self-diagnosis or a substitution for psychotherapy or medical treatment. The information on this site is for informational purposes only. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Information, techniques and products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression or a physical problem it is advised that you see your doctor for an evaluation. If you are having active thoughts of suicide please call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE.

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